Hello, I'm a research associate at the Computational Linguistics Research Group. This group is a part of the Research Institute of Information and Language Processing (RIILP). The research institute is a part of the University of Wolverhampton. I represent RIILP at meetings of the unversity's Ethics Sub-Committee.

I currently research automatic sentence rewriting to reduce the propositional density of input text. I hope that progress in this area will improve text accessibility for humans and improve the reliability of text processing by machines. I envisage text processing by machines to include machine translation, information extraction, summarisation, and syntactic parsing. Automatic sentence rewriting for text processing is my PhD topic. I have applied it to information extraction from clinical texts and to improve the accessibility of texts for people with autism.

In the past, I have worked on several topics in the field of natural language processing, including anaphora resolution, pronoun classification, named entity recognition, and information extraction.

Feel free to check my Google Scholar page.

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