AIR: a Semi-Automatic System for Archiving Institutional Repositories

Ponomareva, N., Gomez, J.M., Pekar, V. (2009). AIR: a Semi-Automatic System for Archiving Institutional Repositories. Proceedings of the NLDB'09 conference. Saarbrucken, Germany.


Manual population of institutional repositories with citation data is an extremely time- and resource-consuming process. These costs act as a bottleneck on the fast growth and update of large repositories. This paper aims to describe the AIR system developed at the university of Wolverhampton to address this problem. The system implements a semi-automatic approach for archiving institutional repositories: rstly, it automatically discovers and extracts bibliographical data from the university web site, and, secondly, it interacts with users, authors or librarians, who verify and correct extracted data. The system is integrated with theWolverhampton Intellectual Repository and E-theses (WIRE), which was designed on the basis of standard software adopted by many UK universities. In this paper we demonstrate that the system can considerably increase the intake of new publication data into an institutional repository without any compromise to its quality.

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