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Events in Emerging Text Types (eETTs)
About the workshop

The proliferation of the Internet has revolutionised the way information is disseminated and presented. Blogs no longer only relay and comment on news stories but also influence what is talked about in the news. Such changes have not gone unnoticed by the computational linguistics research community, who are increasingly processing or exploiting blogs in an attempt to keep track of what is going on and mine information. This workshop will focus on how events can be identified and how information related to event processing (e.g. NP coreference, temporal processing) can be extracted from blogs. Emphasis will be on how existing methods for event processing need to be adapted in order to process this medium, and on linguistic differences in the reporting of events in blogs and more traditional news texts. Extensions of this research to text types from other collaborative environments such as wikis, fora, chats and social networks are also welcomed.

Contact us

You can contact us at eETTs2009@dinel.org.uk

Photos from the event