RANLP-07 Workshop: Computer-Aided Language Processing (CALP'07)

The past years have seen a variety of promising NLP projects but in the vast majority of real-world applications, fully automatic NLP is still far from delivering reliable results. As a result, computer-aided methods have emerged as a practical alternative. In the computer-aided scenario, processing is not done entirely by computers, human intervention improves, post-edits or validates the output of the computer program.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers working on CALP projects and to provide a forum for fruitful discussion on related issues and further developments in the field. Topics of interests include areas where computers can be used to help but not to fully automate the process such as (but not limited to) machine translation, production of summaries, generation of documents, extraction of terminology, creation of indexes, ontology creation and annotation of texts using semi-automatic methods.

The workshop also encourages discussions and submissions focusing on evaluation issues addressing the efficiency of the CALP methods. Of particular interest will be studies which compare the saving of time and cost of CALP methods as opposed to manual methods.

1 Sept 2007: The submission of papers is closed and list of accepted papers is available.

5 Oct 2007: The electronic versions of the papers presented at the workshop are available.

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